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One App,
So Many Uses...

Discover The Human Creators Behind...

Music. Advertising. Videos. Film. TV. Radio.

Voice Overs. Animation. Coaching. Speaking. Scripts. Agencies. Studios....

It's like Shazam & IMDb rolled into one simple clickable watermark.... to identify and promote YOU.

It's Proof you're human.

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The Zijit app works like Shazam. In this image the app is listening to audio to identify the creative people who worked on the project

Join           for Recognition & Protection of your Audio Content.

Zijit Logo. Zijit is like Shazam & IMDB combined in a watermark identifier.

Joanna. Voice Over Artist

“People hear me

every day!

Now they can

know who I am.

This sets us apart from the Ai stuff.

I Zijit my work because I'm human and I want people to know that....”

Band Portrait

Greg. Musician

“We add the muso's, the studio, audio engineer and even the artwork designer.


Are you kidding?

This is like an updated version of the old

vinyl album covers.

Everyone gets credited

Heck yeah. We Zijit”

Recording Studio

Dave. Audio Engineer

“This is going to revolutionize the industry!

We finally get recognised for the work we do.

Bring it on!”

Typing on a Laptop

Jules. Copy Writer

“So much of my work is out there in the market, but no-one knows it's me.

To be hired from finished work?

It's a dream come true.


Yeah, I Zijit myself”

X - 21.png

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Zijit Logo. Zijit is an app that protects and recognises HUMAN creative content with audio.

Protection & Recognition for HUMAN made content - (with audio)

Recognise one person or an entire team with Clickable Movie-Style Credits.


It's Easy With Zijit.

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