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Voice Over Artists

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Want to stop being 'Just' a Voice?

Instead proudly declare to the world
YOU are the Voice Talent in ALL of your projects...

With just One Click?

  • If you're tired of competing against low-ball rates and scraping the bottom of the price barrel...?


  • Sick of auditioning with no results....And worried your audition has been stolen...?


  • Are you ready to get unstuck and have clients discover you directly  from your finished projects...?


  • Watermark & protect your auditions - Permanently!


  • And finally, have the freedom to spend more time behind the mic doing what you love....?

If that's the case... You'll love Zijit!

This is like 'Shazam' for the Creative Industry. 

Except instead of identifying music...  YOU get identified!!

Get tagged directly to your Voice Over work, including your auditions, with the
'Clickable List of Credits' 

ONE CLICK for Easy. Fast. PERMANENT Voice Over Marketing! 

Because Being Anonymous Doesn't Pay Your Bills! 

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Who Are You & What Do You Do?

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Tired of being invisible & anonymous?

Be Discovered.
You're the Voice Over Artist... Sign your work!
Tag yourself to every gig! 
Tell the world - WHO you are & WHAT you do!

No more competing against low-ball rates!

Get More Work!
Finally!  Get Credit, Recognition & Attribution. 
Amplify Your Marketing.
Be Discovered! ( Even years from now... )

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The Clickable List Of Credits.

Make More Money.
Every project becomes your Showreel & Business card!
Be contacted directly from each job you do.
Show the world - WHO you are & WHAT you do!

People hear me every day! It's going to be great when they get to know my name too! 


I can't wait to Zijit my work.


Voice Over Artist

This is  going to revolutionise the industry. We will finally get recognition for the work we do.

Yeah!! Bring it on!


Audio Engineer

So much of my work is out there in the market, but no-one knows it's me.

To be hired from finished work?

That's a dream come true.

Yeah, I'll Zijit myself.



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