We're 'Shazam'ing You!


Be Discovered.  Get More Work.  Make More Money. 

Because Being Anonymous Doesn't Pay The Bills! 

What is Zijit?

What's Zijit?

  • Using identifying technology similar to 'Shazam' you will :


  • Be Discovered. Zijit adds your name to every project you work on. 


  • Be Recognized. You are the Artist!


  • Amplify your Marketing. Your work is your permanent business card.

  • Clients contact you! No more competing against low-ball prices.


  • Every project becomes your Personal Business Card.

  • Your Profile, Demo's and Contact Details are permanently available via the 

       'Clickable List Of Credits'.

  • Zijit yourself to every project.

  • Get contacted & hired directly from your finished work!

  • Watch the video👇 to see Zijit in action.

  • Ps: Make sure you turn up the volume.  


Zijit Launches November 2021

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YES! I Want To Be Discovered,
Get More Work & Make More Money.

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Joanna. Voice Over Artist

People hear me every day!

It's going to be great when they get to know my name too!

I can't wait to Zijit my work.

Recording Studio

Dave. Audio Engineer

This is  going to revolutionize the industry.

We will finally get recognition for the work we do.

Bring it on!

Copying Down

Jules. Copywriter

So much of my work is out there in the market, but no-one knows it's me.

To be hired from finished work?

That's a dream come true.

Yeah, I'll Zijit myself.