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How Does Zijit Work?

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Frequently asked questions

Is this like Shazam?

Yes! The app functions in a very similar way - recognising audio. Did you know that Shazam does not recognise all music? Shazam only recognises music that has been submitted to its database. Zijit works in the same way. Audio or a project containing audio, must be uploaded to the Zijit database for it to be identified by the technology. After the audio has been submitted to the database, you can tag yourself and your details will pop up in the List Of Credits!

I worked on the project but I'm not in audio.

If the audio or final project has been uploaded to Zijit.. click Zijit 'Who' and tag yourself to the project. If the project hasn't been identified yet... you can do it! Tag yourself via the App or the webportal.

What if my project is not recognised?

If your project is not recognised with the short tap Zijit 'Who' ... it simply means the audio has not been identified yet. You can submit the audio to Zijit via the Web Portal or the App.

Will Zijit identify all my projects?

Yes. When tag yourself to your projects in the Zijit database you will be recognised in the Clickable List of Credits.

Can the studio tag me to a job?

Your ID and login is unique to you. Studio’s and Agencies have their own Zijit ID. If the project has been uploaded to Zijit - tag yourself via the App.

Do I have to Zijit every project?

No. If you do not want to be associated with the project, then you do not have to Zijit yourself.

Does Zijit only work with audio?

In future builds the technology will extend to include Text, Video and Graphics.

Is my Zijit tag permanent?

Yes. As long as your project is accessible via the internet, your ID is available.

What if my paid subscription lapses?

You will still be identified by name and skill, however your profile and contact information becomes inactive.

How do I tag with the App?

Press a long click for Zijit YOU. This begins the record function. You have up to 45 seconds recording time. You may stop the record function if the audio is shorter than 45 seconds. Before submitting the audio, you can listen back. Click the Tick to accept or the X to delete. Add the Business details and your Skill. Click create new project. The audio will be uploaded to the Zijit. ** Hint: Try to record the best quality audio. Hold the phone close to the audio source with reasonable sound volume. Preferrably in a quiet location.

How do I tag with the Web Portal?

Download the Zijit App. Click to subscribe. Fill in your profile information. You will receive a 'Welcome' email ( this is not automated so it may take up to 24 hours ) This email will contain your link to the Zijit Portal. Sign in using the same information used in the app. Upload one file at a time. **Hint: Files can be up to 200mb. The Audio does not need to be high quality - Lower resolution files will upload faster.

Someone else claimed my work!!

To lodge a complaint against someone falsely claiming credit for your work, please contact us via the Welcome email you received. Dishonesty will not be tolerated. Those caught will have their tags, profile and all idenfiications removed. They will be permanently banned from Zijit.

The App isn't working.

Zijit needs your permission to access the microphone. Either delete the Zijit app and re-install. Click to give permission to access the microphone. Or: Go to your phone settings. Scroll to the Zijit app and give access to the microphone and your phone's cell data.